12 Volt from car

12 volt charging current from the car

You need the following:
• 4 or 6 mm2 "12 volt wires".
• cutoff relay such Boch.
• 25 Amp fuse holder including. Security dependent on wire size.
• Have you 7 flight stikdåse, should acquire 13 flight stikdåse.

Why hedge?:
The cables you use should normally be protected with such a fuse, which interrupts the power supply in case of overload and short circuit. When excessive currents can cause a temperature rise of cables insulation, Collections, anslutninger which can do harm, for example, can lead to the isolation start to burn. Installation of security as well as correct size fuse prevent the above injuries.

Why discard relay?:
Attaching the stand relay make that only happens charging current from the car to the caravan when the car is turned on.

Why 4 or 6 mm2 12 cable was?:
Applied to the thin cables is lost energy which can also lead to a risk of fire. Length of the cables are important for any. strømtab, the longer the cables are, the more power loss. For example, if you use 2,5 mm2 from the car battery to the vehicle 13 flight stikdåse, you can measure 12 volts at the battery but only 11 volts by car 13 flight stikdåse. If you use larger cable eg 4-6 mm2 you might be able to measure approximately. 12 volts by car 13 flight stikdåse.

If you want to avoid the loss of power to the caravan battery, you should use 4- 6 mm2 cable from the vehicle battery to the caravan battery. See more about 12 volt wires / fuses and sizing m.v. via this link:

Click here to read more about 12 volt wires / fuses.

Wire to pin 9-10 pulled both up to the car's battery and secure each with a fuse 16-25 amp depending on the wire thickness. The fuse holder includes. Security should be placed as close to the battery terminal as possible. Wire to pin 10 fitted with a relay controlled by D on the generator or the car's headlights, such that there is power in the legs 10 when the engine is started. Laying of a cable more to grounding, You possibly. use the car's frame connection at the battery, or closer to any. in the trunk.

12 volt picture

NB. Have you 7 pin socket mounted on the car you should consider switched it to 13 flight stikdåse, thus you have available slot for the above. 13 pin socket can bla. purchased from Thansen and Harald Nyborg.

13 flight stikdåse
The car 13 flight stikdåse
picture stik_ledninger

A 13-pin connector designed for 12 In (island 30 mm) and with the electric wires connected in the following manner (DIN fornorm V 72570), split pos. 9-13 however, can be omitted:

No.. Colour
1 Left turn signal – gul
2 Tågebaglygte – blue
3 Set, 1-8 – white
4 Right turn signal – green
5 Parking, right – brown
6 Brake lights – red
7 Parking, ventstre – sort
8 Baklygte – gray
9 More, Power – blue
10 The car battery + your relæ. For refrigerator / charging the battery in the caravan, 4-6 mm2.
11 (Free) in some caravans: frames for heading. 10 (12), 4-6 mm2.
12 Free
13 Frame for heading. 9 and 10 (11,12), 4-6 mm2.

The car 7 flight stikdåse


A 7-pin plug designed for 12 In (island 36 mm) and with the electric wires connected in the following manner (ISO Standard 1724-1975):

Nr./ DIN / Colour
1/ L / Left turn signal – gul
2/ 54 G /Indv. lighting – blue / plus
3/ 31 /Set, Hvid / minus
4/ R / right turn signal – green
5/ 58 R /Baglys, right – brown
6/ 54 /Brake lights – red
7/ 58 L / Parking, left tail light and position light in front – sort

No.. 10, 11 and 13 recommended wire thickness, which should be dimensioned in each case after the amperage.

Below is the standard connection, and is shown with the recommended wire thickness, which should be dimensioned in each case after the amperage.
There may be some deviations from the specified color code, controls therefore wiring is possible. with a multimeter. There may be factory deviations in connecting the legs 2, 9 and 10 at each tag caravans.
(Enlarge image by clicking on the image)

12 It was skema_master

NB. Remember to always mount a rectifier between car and caravan – Why mount rectifier:
A rectifier ensure that power can not flow back, that is, if your car battery drain because you use the power of the caravan, one can risk the large flow volumes burning wires of – The rectifier ensures which prevents large amounts of current and, thus, burn wires of. Read more about rectifier and connecting m.v. via the link at the bottom.

The above is an option to charge the caravan battery from the car included. konstantstrøm – There are also other ways, where you do not have to lay cables but instead uses existing cable installation in the car and in the caravan via a Battery Booster:

There are usually rectifier in a Battery Booster, why you whilst ensuring that the flow can not run back, that is, if your car battery drain because you use the power of the caravan, one can risk the large flow volumes burning wires of – When there is a built-in rectifier in a Battery Booster can not run large flow volumes back.

You can buy a rectifier separately if you do not want a Battery Booster, although please note this option lead to a loss of power from the separate rectifier mounted in the caravan. Proper charging voltage of this option often requires you pulled 4-6 mm2 wires from the car's alternator to the caravan battery.

A Battery Booster is usually built with multiple outputs, so you can connect your refrigerator to Battery Booster, and you will get the correct charging current for the fridge, which then cools optimally / correct.
Battery life is significantly extended, When using battery Booster.

See the following picture of a Battery Booster:

Image of Moverkul

Read more about Battery Booster and rectifier and connecting the wires in the caravan via the link below:

Click here to read more about joining 12 volt battery in caravan.

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